Student Advising Center

    The Student Advising Center (ZSB) supports current and prospective HTWG Konstanz students with all aspects of their studies: choosing a major, changing your major, and challenges in studying, preparing for exams or presenting. We're here to help you.

    Welcome to the Student Advising Center (ZSB)

    The ZSB advises students on all matters related to their studies. We offer general information about degrees and departments, and can provide you with orientation as well as help in making decisions about your studies based on your personal situation. Please contact us about any questions you might have. We’ll be happy to assist you! 

    Advising Services for Prospective Students

    - General information on courses and priorities
    - Advising about different study options
    - Help in choosing a major
    - Requirements for different majors
    - Application process and admission requirements
    - Career and education opportunities after graduation

    Information for Prospective Students

    Advising Services for Current Students

    - Reflecting on your choice of major
    - What to do when interests or plans change
    - Dealing with a personal or social crisis
    - Interrupting your studies
    - Withdrawing from your studies
    - Possibilities for continuing your studies