Information for International Students

The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences is committed to providing every student with an outstanding education. As an exchange student, you have the opportunity to earn your bachelor's or master's degree at the HTWG Konstanz. We also offer special programs to help refugees start their studies in Germany.

Studying at HTWG

The information provided on these pages are intended for newly admitted or currently enrolled international students continuing their degree or pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree at the HTWG Konstanz. Exchange students or students with a refugee background will also find the necessary information to start or continue their studies at our university. 

Please refer to the specific pages for more information.

Location: Lake Constance, Germany

The city of Constance and its very famous lake are located in the south of Germany bordering Switzerland. The city is also situated very close to Austria and Liechtenstein. Situated at the Lake of Constance and very close to the Swiss Alps, Constance offers students a high standard of living including numerous leisure activities.

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Options for international students

Degree-seeking Students (Bachelor's or Master's Degree)

Please refer to the following link for all information regarding the application process and the requirements for students who wish to start a full-degree program or transfer to the HTWG Konstanz.

Application and requirements for international students


Refugees at HTWG

If you were you forced to flee from your home country and want to start or continue your studies in Germany, we will be happy to assist you!

Here you'll find and overview of all the options for refugees at the HTWG Konstanz:

Offers for refugees at HTWG


Incoming Exchange Students

The International Office at the HTWG Konstanz – University of Applied Sciences serves all current and newly-admitted international students. We provide a variety of services and programs to all incoming exchange students, including dealing with bureaucratic issues, registering for courses and finding accommodations. The International Office at the HTWG also organizes orientation programs for incoming international undergraduate and graduate students. We also provide academic as well as personal counseling (including personal emergencies). Please contact us.

For additional information about study options, the orientation program, administrative issues, the application process and any other services provided by the International Office see also

Information for incoming exchange students


Center for International Students ("Studienkolleg")

The Center for International Students ("Studienkolleg") can validate your records and issues the certification you need for your application to Universities of Applied Sciences in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

In addition, the Studienkolleg conducts a two-semester course that prepares you for your major and for the university entrance exam ("Feststellungsprüfung"):

For information about the "Studienkolleg"