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    Welcome to the Intercultural Center (IKZ) at the HTWG Konstanz. Are you an international student? Are you a domestic student from Germany who wants to study or work abroad? We have a number of courses, workshops and services specifically for you.

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    Welcome to the Refugees@HTWG page!

    Thank you for your interest in studying at our university.

    We offer a lot of support for refugee students on campus. This page will give you information about how to apply to the HTWG Konstanz, the different departments that can support you on campus, and a list of FAQs about other important aspects related to living in Konstanz.

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    Network with other incoming students and get information about upcoming events and relevant organizations that might be of interest. Anyone aspiring to study at HTWG (future international & HTWG students with/without a refugee background) is welcome to join the group.

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    Let’s start with the practical information. You’re interested in studying at the HTWG Konstanz. How do you do this? What options do you have? Let’s go through the steps one-by-one:

    Step 1: What are the requirements to study at the HTWG Konstanz?

    • Residency Status

      The first things to check is your residency status in Germany. In order to study at a German university of applied science (like the HTWG Konstanz) or university, you need to have been granted asylum or refugee protection in Germany, if your refugee status is pending or you have the “tolerated” status.

      1. Individuals with international protection status:

      Persons entitled to asylum according to § 25 paragraph 1 Residence Act (AufenthaltsG);

      Recognized refugees according to the Geneva Refugee Convention in accordance with § 25 (2) sentence 1 1. Alt. AufenthaltsG;

      Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection pursuant to Section 25 (2) sentence 1 2. Alt. AufenthaltsG;

      2. Persons with protection against deportation according to § 25 (3) Residence Act (AufenthaltsG);

      3. Refugee applicants according to § 55 of the Asylum Procedure Act

      4. Tolerated persons in accordance with § 60a Residence Act (AufenthaltsG).

      Your status needs to be verified with the corresponding regulatory documents.

    • Academic Requirements

      If you want to pursue your studies at a German university of applied sciences, you also need certain academic qualifications. You will either need to have completed a secondary school that qualifies you to study at the college / university level, or you will need to have previously attended a college or university in Germany or abroad.

      If you’re not sure whether you have the qualifications required to study at a German college or university, bring your diplomas / certificates to the friendly folks in the Studienkolleg to have them checked and verified.

      How do I get my diplomas/certificates verified?
      You need to bring the following to the Studienkolleg:

      • Copies of your diplomas/certificates that have been translated (English or German) and notarized (meaning they have an official stamp from the “Bürgerbüro”- you can make an appointment there for this purpose)
      • Completed request form (available as download here)
      • Curriculum vitae and residence permit
      • Proof of your current language proficiency level (if you already have it)

      If you have any questions, please contact:

      Office hours: by appointment

    • Language Requirements

      Most degree programs at the HTWG Konstanz require C1-level German skills.  A C1 University level means a score of at least 16 points on the TestDaF or a DSH 2 or 3 on the DSH test.

      However, there is a new English-language bachelor’s degree program in Sustainable Engineering and Future Technologies (SET) starting in the winter semester 2023. This program requires proof of B2 level English proficiency and A1 level German

      For information about the program and how to apply:

      Link to SET webpage

      Please note: You can already apply to the HTWG Konstanz before you take the language test, however you need to submit your test scores before the start of the semester (which means March for the spring semester; September for the fall semester)!

    Step 2: Auditing classes – if you’re not sure yet

    If you’re not sure yet if you really want to study or what you want to study and would like to already get a taste of a major before starting your studies, why not audit some classes?

    Auditing refugee students (Gasthörer) can attend individual classes for free.

    Click here for more detailed Information

    If you have any additional questions, please send us an email

    Studying in the Library

    And keep in mind that refugees receive a free library card for the HTWG Konstanz library. The card is valid for 2 months and can be extended. 

    Stop by during our office hours and bring your residence permit. The library is normally open from Mo-Fr from 9 am to 7 pm., however please check the library website for current opening hours.

    Step 3: How do I apply to the HTWG Konstanz?

    Once you’ve gotten your diplomas and language skills verified, you can apply to study at the HTWG Konstanz.

    You apply online using the “Hochschulstart” website. Register at Once you’ve submitted your application form and documents, the admissions department will make their selections and inform you by mail. Once you receive your acceptance letter, you need to officially enroll (by the deadline of course) and then you can start your studies at the HTWG Konstanz!

    Click here for a more detailed description

    Application Deadlines

    OK, so now you know how to apply to the HTWG Konstanz. Now just remember to complete the following steps by the deadline.

    Here is an overview of current important dates and deadlines (in german)

    Deadline for verifying qualifications: You need to turn in your verified documents (done by the Studienkolleg) along with your application. Keep in mind that there is a 3-4 week processing time for verifications.

    Step 4: Practical issues for new students

    So you’ve made your way through the application process and can start planning your studies. Here we want to provide you with some practical information about those “other” (pretty important) details, such as financing your studies, finding accommodations and getting health insurance.

    • Financing your Studies (scholarships, loans, part-time jobs, hardship funds)

      Let’s start with something fairly important: the financial side of studying at the HTWG Konstanz. First the good news: studying in Germany is very reasonable. Refugee students are only required to pay the semester fees of € 147.50 (these are the administrative and student fees). That’s very reasonable compared to the cost of studying in most other countries.

      Here’s the not-so-good news: the living costs in Germany – and particularly in the Konstanz area – are quite high. The average cost of living for a single full-time student (living alone or in a shared flat) is about € 861 per month (we’re very precise here in Germany).

      But now some more good news: there are a number of sources you can apply for ranging from the federal BAföG financial aid program to scholarship programs. There is also the option of getting a part-time job. And there are also hardship and emergency funds offered by the Seezeit organization on campus if things get desperate. So there are many ways to finance your studies.

      For more information, see the detailed description at our "Campus Life" website

    • Finding accommodations (student dorms, private apartments)

      Rumor has it that it’s very difficult and challenging to find affordable housing in Konstanz. Rents in the area have soared in the past years to big city levels. However, it is still possible to find an affordable room in Konstanz. Just try to get started looking early so you have enough time to find the right place. These range from student dorms on campus or in the city, shared student flats (what the Germans call a “WG”), and even apartments in Konstanz and the surroundings.

      For more information, see the detailed description at our "Campus Life" website

    • Health insurance

      We want to make sure you stay healthy during your time in Konstanz. That’s why all full-time HTWG Konstanz students must have a German health insurance plan. The good news is that student health insurance plans are quite reasonable as far as health insurance plans go. If you are under the age of 30, you can get a subsidized student insurance plan for about € 105 per month. Students over the age of 30 must sign up for a private health insurance plan which is slightly more expensive.

      For more information, see our "Campus Life" website

    • Getting around

      Konstanz is an easy city to get around. A lot of places can be reached on foot. If you’re in the dorms near the HTWG campus, you can easily walk to your classes or into town in about 5 minutes. But Konstanz also has a good public transportation system. An extensive bus system will get you wherever you need to go. And they’ve made it easy and cheap for students to use the buses. Use your VHB ticket to get around for free, or purchase the very reasonable “Studi-Ticket” to get around outside the city.

      The easiest way to get around town, though, is by bike. If you live in Konstanz, consider getting yourself a bike. You can get around the city very well on two wheels. 195 km of bike paths in and around Konstanz make this a great biking city.

      For more information, see our "Campus Life" website

    Step 5: Integrating in Germany / Succeeding in your Studies

    We want you to do well in your studies at the HTWG Konstanz. And we want you feel connected and at home here. In this section we will tell you about some of the offerings both on and off campus to help you integrate and feel good here.

    • Making Contacts and Academic Success

      One factor that will help you feel at home at the HTWG Konstanz is making some friends and acquaintances and getting off to a good start in your studies. This section shows you some ways to meet students both on and off campus, as well as getting some help with your studies:

      1. Academic Advising Services

      Let’s start with the basics. If you need some advising support to figure out what you want to really want to study, learn about the different programs offered on campus, changing your major, and improving study skills, get in touch with our Student Advising Center (ZSB)

      2. Warming-Up Orientation Program

      The Intercultural Center (IKZ) offers an orientation event for new students with an international touch (held in English and German / an introduction to intercultural topics). This is a one-day event for all first semester students (both domestic / German and international).

      You learn about basic study skills, get advice from upper-semester students about how to get off to a good and relaxing start, and – best of all – get to know other first semester students!

      Link to Warming Up page

      3. Buddy Program

      The Buddy Program, organized by the Intercultural Center (IKZ), is a learning partnership between you, the new international student, and a 2nd or 3rd year HTWG student. You, the new international student, are paired up with another student to help you navigate the campus and your new studies. Many students find this a big help in their first semester.

      More information on the Buddy Program

      4. Workshops to Help with your Studies

      The Intercultural Center (IKZ) also offers a series of workshops – our Working Internationally series – to help students gain better study skills. Take a look at our offerings this semester:

      Link to Working Internationally Series

      5. Tandem Learning Program

      Sign up for our Tandem Learning Program, where you take part in a language exchange with another student – you learn their native language, and they learn yours. It’s a fun way to learn (and teach) another language outside of the classroom.

      More information on Tandem Learning

      6. Café Mondial

      Stop by at the Café Mondial, a real café / meeting place where you can meet other internationals, travelers, and locals in the city on Sunday afternoons (located at: Zum Hussenstein 12, in Konstanz).

      Link to Café Mondial website

      7. Fun Activities on Campus

      How about some other activities that don’t (directly) have to do with your studies. Things like acting in a play, playing in a Big Band, going to concerts together, or even having your own radio show. The HTWG offers these so-called extracurricular activities and more. Check out the offerings here:

      Link to HTWG extracurricular activities (in German)

    • Legal Advice

      If you need legal advice about your stay in Germany, including residency status, work permits, or information about family reunifications, or you need legal representation, you can contact the Refugee Law Clinic here in Konstanz.

      The Refugee Law Clinic is an independent organization. They offer legal support on Saturdays from 3.00 to 6.00 pm at the Café Mondial (located at: Zum Hussenstein 12, in Konstanz)

      Refugee Law Clinic website

    • Getting Psychological Help

      It can be very stressful moving to a new country. And maybe you are also still struggling with your experiences in your home country or your journey to Germany. But you’re not alone. If you need support, the HTWG Konstanz and the city of Konstanz offer counseling services:

      You can find information about counseling services at the HTWG by contacting our Student Advising Center. Send them an email or visit their website for more information.

      The Seezeit (student services) offers psychotherapeutic counseling services. You can find more information or set up an appointment at their website: They can also refer you to other psychotherapists in Konstanz.

      There are more support services offered in Konstanz or Germany, including the following:

      The City of Konstanz has set up a hotline (Tel: 07531 / 900 – 4000) that offers both informational and personal support for individuals and families. You can call Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

      If you are experiencing a crisis and need someone to talk to, you can also call the nation-wide Crisis Line / Telefonseelsorge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (toll-free: 0800/111 0 111 or 0800/111 0 222 / They also offer an email or chat consultation. It is anonymous and confidential.

    • Dealing with Racism, Discrimination or Abuse

      If you’re experiencing or have experienced racism or discrimination, please contact the HTWG Equality Opportunity and Diversity team to set up a confidential appointment.

      Women who have experienced abuse and need support can contact the national helpline Violence Against Women / Gewalt gegen Frauen (Toll-free: 08000/116 016 / They support women of all nationalities, with or without disabilities – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The service is anonymous and free of charge. Relatives, friends and colleagues can also use the helpline.

    • Parenting and Caretaking Issues

      Parents can get confidential support and advice both on and off campus. On campus, please contact Mrs. Grit Roth at the HTWG Family Services to set up an appointment.

      You can also call the Parent Telephone / Elterntelefon (toll-free: 0800 - 111 0 550) Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 – 11:00 and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm. This is a service set up by the national organization “Nummer gegen Kummer e.V.” with a network of around 1,000 counselors at 40 locations across Germany.    

      If you have questions regarding caring for parents or older relatives, you can get information at the HTWG Studying and Caretaking office

      Another option is the website: You can also set up a telephone consultation by calling 030/20 17 91 31 Mondays to Thursdays between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm, or send an email to: The service is also anonymous and confidential.

    HTWG departments that supports refugee students

    There are a number of offices on campus that are here to help refugee students get information about studying, applying, and succeeding.

    Intercultural Center (IKZ)

    The Intercultural Center is your first contact for getting information about studying at the HTWG Konstanz. We are here to give you information about:

    • Language courses
    • auditing courses
    • financing your studies
    • helping to find your way on campus
    • dealing with cultural differences

    Please contact us to set up an in-person, video or telephone chat:

    HTWG Studienkolleg

    The Studienkolleg / Center for International Students support international and refugee students who want to study in German by:

    • Verifying qualifications (diplomas / certificates)
    • Offering university-preparation programs


    The Student Advising Center (ZSB)

    The Student Advising Center offers general support for prospective and current HTWG Konstanz students, including:

    • Deciding on a major
    • Advising about HTWG studies and the application process
    • Supporting students going through a personal crisis during their studies


    We welcome students and scholars from Ukraine:

    If you are from Ukraine and interested in pursuing or continuing your studies at the HTWG Konstanz, we have a wide range of support possibilities for you.

    Please contact us for more information

    Handbook: Information on Studying in Germany

    A group of HTWG Konstanz students and staff compiled the most important information – from applications to financing your studies – for refugee students.

    Download the handbook here (in German)
    Завантажити: Інформація про навчання в Німеччині

    Majula Bintou Kebbeh
    Coordination Refugees@HTWG
    Room F 013
    +49 7531 206-9169

    Office hours
    Mondays and Thursdays, 12.00 – and by appointment