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    Welcome to the Intercultural Center (IKZ) at the HTWG Konstanz. Are you an international student? Are you a domestic student from Germany who wants to study or work abroad? We have a number of courses, workshops and services specifically for you.

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    Foreign language skills are one of the basics of our modern, globalized world. There are very few professional jobs these days that do not require one or even two foreign languages. Even in traditionally language-averse countries (hint: they’re usually English-speaking countries), people are catching on to the advantages of learning another language.

    So, why not get the language skills while you’re still in college, before entering the professional work world (and trying to do it on the side)? Even though we mainly specialize in intercultural and academic skills, the IKZ also offers foreign language learning opportunities:

    Tandem Learning Program

    Imagine learning French or Spanish in a cozy cafe over a cup of hot chocolate with a friend instead of in the classroom. Or having a native speaker go over your English application for an internship. Or maybe you’d like to get together with an exchange student from a country where you’re planning to spend a semester abroad.

    All of that is possible with tandem learning, our program that matches two native speakers of different languages who teach each other their languages informally. This is a wonderful way to learn a foreign language outside of – or in addition to – the classroom.

    More on Tandem Learning

    Foreign Language Classes at the HTWG

    The HTWG Konstanz also offers a wide range of foreign language classes. Besides the obvious ones (English, Spanish), they also offer classes in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and more.

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