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    Tandem Language Learning

    Imagine learning French in a cozy cafe over a cup of hot chocolate with a friend instead of in the classroom. Or having a native speaker go over your English application for an internship. Or maybe you’d like to get together with an exchange student from a country where you’re planning to spend a semester abroad. All of that is possible with tandem learning.

    Tandem learning is a method for learning a foreign language in which two people, each with a different native language, come together to help the other person learn their language. Tandem learning has no fixed rules; you are free to choose their own method. What, when and how the tandem partners learn is completely up to you. The Intercultural Center is however available if you want some language learning ideas!

    The tandem exchange is organized and managed by us at the Intercultural Center, and is supervised by one of our student assistants. The tandem exchange is not supervised during the semester break.

    Any questions? Then send us an email at:


    You can register for tandem language learning here:

    Tandem learning registration form


    • Does Tandem Learning have any fixed rules?

      Tandem learning is a mutual language exchange between two people. The idea is that both partners should benefit equally from the exchange.

      There no fixed rules, but here are a few things that make tandem learning more effective:

      Both learners should have about the same amount of time to work on their language. Each partner can get their own specific needs met in the tandem learning exchange: One student may want to learn Spanish for an upcoming vacation; the other may need help with a German homework assignment, language test, or application.

      It is a good idea to prepare for the meetings. Bring books, newspapers, music, an application or an assignment from one of your classes to your meetings.

      The first time you meet, you and your tandem partner should discuss your expectations from the exchange. Possible questions could be:

      • What is your goal in learning the foreign language skills? (Studies, travels, professional ...)
      • What language skills would you most like to practice? (Reading, listening, speaking, writing)
      • How do you learn best? (Speaking, reading, grammar ...)
      • What topics are you interested in?
      • What tasks should the tandem partner help you with (presentation, application, etc.)?

      It is also helpful to set up rules for learning with your partner:

      • How do you want your partner to correct you? Should they correct all mistakes or let you speak and give you feedback later?
      • How much time can you / do you want to invest?

      Based on our experience, the best way is to set up regular meetings. If possible, try to set aside at least two hours per week. You could set up a minimum amount of time per week and extend it on a needs basis. If you can’t make one of the meetings, please inform your partner ahead of time.

      And one final piece of advice: It is definitely better to have your first meeting in a public place. That could be on the HTWG campus or in a cafe.

    • What data appears in the tandem exchange?

      When you register for the tandem exchange, your request will be included on the list. The only information that appears is the language you’re offering and the one you would like to learn.

    • What data is passed on?

      When there are potential tandem partners with the right language combination, we share only your names and email addresses.

    • In what order are tandem partners connected?

      We connect tandem requests on a first come, first served basis. So, sign up now!