Student Advising Center

    The Student Advising Center (ZSB) supports current and prospective HTWG Konstanz students with all aspects of their studies: choosing a major, changing your major, and challenges in studying, preparing for exams or presenting. We're here to help you.

    Successful learning at the HTWG

    The Student Advisory Service offers you various offers under the title "Successful Learning" to further develop your learning strategies and time management.

    You can enroll directly in the Moodle-Course "Successful Learning" and receive materials on various topics as well as a "Learning-Mail" every week with tips on a learning topic. At any time, you can also make an appointment for individual learning coaching at the Student Advisory Service (ZSB). During the semester, we also offer workshops on topics such as "Avoiding procrastination", "Motivation", "Time management" and "Strategies against exam stress".

    Take advantage of these offers to reflect on your learning behavior, expand your learning strategies and learn successfully in your studies!

    Self-study course "Successful learning!"

    We give you input and then it's your turn: Learning during studies means independent organisation and independent learning control. Let yourself try out new learning strategies and approach your active preparation and follow-up in a structured way. It might take a bit longer at the beginning, but with the necessary skills, you will become more efficient in studying and more successful in your classes.

    We support you during your studies with learning emails and the Moodle course "Erfolgreich lernen!" (Successful learning).

    Flyer for the Moodle course

    Register here for "Erfolgreich lernen"!

    Learning Emails

    The Learning Emails are part of our Moodle course "Erfolgreich lernen" (Successful Learning). The emails support you with additional assignments and exercises and help you learn more successfully and efficiently. After completing the individual modules for successful learning, you can face the upcoming examsmore optimistic and with more confidence. You will receive the learning emails once you have registered for the Moodle course. 

    Register here for "Erfolgreich lernen"!

    Learning Consultations

    Studying at a university requires a high level of intellectual and academic skills, including the ability to utilize special learning strategies. Many students are not well prepared for the transition from school to university coursework. Some of the challenges that students have to deal with include:

    • Difficulties with exams
    • Permanent procrastination of important tasks
    • Difficulties with work and concentration
    • Fear of exams and presentations
    • Poor teamwork in study- and working groups
    • etc.

    We can support and guide you in your learning process and give you the opportunity to reflect on learning challenges, discover personal resources, and solve these learning blocks in a series of individualized consultations. Our learning support is not about the subject matter in your courses but about how you can study more effectively and purposefully to perform better in these classes. In these learning consultations, you decide what your goals are and we help you achieve them.

    Learning Advice on the HTWG Youtube Channel

    What advice does the Student Advising Center give on the subject of learning? Student Daniel got some suggestions and also shows his own method. [Video in German]

    What is the best way for to study and prepare for your exams? Antonia and Mark, students of the HTWG, share their personal tips in the video. [Video in German]

    • Kathrin Pallasch

      Student Advisor, Person-centered Counselor, Head of the ZSB

    • Room A 022a
      +49 7531 206 9067

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