Information for Prospective Students

What stands out about studying at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences? Small groups, our practical-orientation, award-winning instructors, numerous innovative projects, and excellent partner universities around the world. And best of all: our campus is located directly on Lake Constance (with its very own beach bar) and only a skip and a jump from the Swiss Alps.

Please note: There are currently no English-only degree programs at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences Konstanz. You can get information about prerequisites for studying at the HTWG Konstanz here.

Studying at the HTWG Konstanz


The HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences Konstanz offers the whole range of degrees: from entry-level bachelor’s degrees to advanced master’s degrees and even PhD programs in our Cooperative Doctoral School.

 Studying directly on the Rhine / Lake Constance: The HTWG Konstanz campus is located directly on the water, creating a unique learning atmosphere.

What is Special about Studying at the HTWG Konstanz

  • Our strong practical-orientation

    The focus of teaching at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences is practical and application-oriented: the internship semester during the bachelor’s degree programs gives you the opportunity to immediately apply what you’ve learned and provides orientation if you choose to pursue additional studies.

    The contact to companies you establish when carrying out projects helps to ease your entry into the working world.

  • Intensive Supervision

    We create a supportive atmosphere at the HTWG Konstanz: Students are seen as individuals with their own personal strengths and talents.

    This is only possible thanks to our very favorable professor-student ratio of 30 students per professor. In addition, we have around 250 staff members supporting students with administrative issues, as well as in our labs, workshops and central institutions.

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration

    Projects and collaborative courses enable our students to work in interdisciplinary teams and gain valuable experience. The degree programs and departments work closely together.

  • Our dream location in »paradise«

    How about studying where other people go on vacation? You can see the mountains and the lake almost every day. Hang out at our very own “beach bar” in summer and go skiing in Switzerland or Austria in winter. Our university of applied sciences is located just outside the old city of Konstanz in a neighborhood that was given a special name for a reason: Paradise.

  • Our Excellent Infrastructure

    The modern infrastructure at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences Konstanz enables our faculty to offer students efficient and cutting-edge teaching and learning opportunities. This infrastructure includes numerous labs such as the Tinkerer Lab, Open Innovation Lab, a modern computer center and an award-winning university library, consistently named »best university library« (in the German Library Index BIX).


  • International Networking

    Studying abroad for one or two semesters has become an integral part of our degree programs. Thanks to our partnerships with more than 70 colleges around the world, more than half of HTWG Konstanz students spend at least part of the studies abroad – on all 5 continents.

  • Looking to the Future

    The degree programs at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences are designed to create excellent career opportunities for our graduates.

    Our degree programs are accredited by independent agencies to ensure the quality and currentness of instruction as well as the relevance of our degrees for the labor market.


Electives Outside your Major

HTWG Konstanz students are encouraged to think outside the box of their majors and begin to develop other essential skills, such as soft skills, already early on in their studies.

The HTWG Konstanz thus offers a broad range of electives and extra-curricular activities: from our legendary university theater, which has performed in such unusual locations as an indoor swimming pool or a discotheque, to the Open Innovation Lab, in which students can tinker on new ideas using 3D printers, milling machines or virtual reality glasses. Or students can join our successful racing team that builds its own electric racing motorcycles or race cars and participates in international competitions.

In the framework of our Extracurricular Studies Program ("Studium Generale”), students can take such courses for credit.

Here’s a selection of our extra-curricular activities:

Foreign Languages Program

Open Innovation Lab

University Theater

College Radio Station

Bodensee Racing Team (Formula Student)

eLaketric Electric Racing Motorcycle (Motostudent)



Individual Advising

If you’re interested in a specific major, please contact the advisors for this major - you can find contact information on the departmental homepages..

In case you’re still unsure what you want to study or have questions concerning your studies, you can set up an individual appointment at our Central Student Advising Center:

Student Advising Center

Building A; Room A 023 / Building M, Room M008 / M009

+49 7531 206-105 / -851 / -9067

Office Hours:

By appointment

Link to Student Advising Center

+49 7531 206-105 / -851 / -9067