Legal Management

    ... providing students with a legal background and management qualifications.


    Degree: Master of Laws (LL. M.)

    Departments: Business, Cultural, and Legal Studies

    Program Type: Full-time
    Language of Instruction: German / English
    Length of Studies: 3 semesters

    Start of Studies: Winter semester (WS)
    Standard Class Size: 20
    Application Deadline:  June 1st

    Accreditation: Seal of the German Accreditation Council until Sept. 30th 2027

    Please note that this is primarily a German-language degree program. You will need C1 level German skills to attend full time. A number of courses however are offered in English. Exchange students are welcome to take these classes. Click here for more information. Get your credentials recognized or learn about our German preparation program here.

    You can get information about prerequisites for studying at the HTWG Konstanz here.


    The program in Legal Management is designed for students with a bachelor's degree in business or related fields. You can find additional information here.


    Good reasons to get a master's degree in Legal Management

    • Are you looking for a new perspective?


      Legal Management offers an interdisciplinary degree at the interface between law and management.

    • Would you like to spend more time abroad and expand your English skills?


      Legal Management ist an internationally-oriented program. All 2nd semester courses are held in English. You also have the option of spending the second or third semester at one of our partner universities abroad.

    • Are you thinking about what to do in your future work life?


      Our graduates have excellent career prospects.

    • You're interested in many things but aren't ready to decide?


      Our management-focused curriculum gives you great flexibility when seeking entry-level positions.

    • You don't want to be just a number?


      We teach small, seminar-style courses with a personal atmosphere.


    This section explains how our 3-semester program is divided up. Each semester is described in detail on the left. The Study and Exam Guidelines for the program have changed starting with the winter semester 2019/20. New courses have been added focusing on the challenges faced by business lawyers because of digitalization.

    • Semester A

      All students spend the first semester together at the HTWG Konstanz. One of the focuses is on expanding your English language skills, particularly specialized business and legal terminology. The other courses are all held in German. These courses focus on public procurement, antitrust and data protection law. These topics are considered from an interdisciplinary perspective in the other three modules. This includes the responsibilities and processes of a legal department, managing such a department, as well as corporate governance and compliance. Starting in the winter semester 2019/20, the module "Digital Management and Communication” will analyze press law and crisis communication, as well as how the digital transformation can be managed, designed and communicated.

    • Semester B

      By the second semester, all courses are held in English. Students can also spend the second semester at one of our English-language partner universities abroad. The entire curriculum has been expanded to include the perspective of international business transactions and how to deal with them. Leadership and Coaching deals with classic management issues, as well as the current managerial requirements in the framework of integrity management. The modules Legal Management II (Risk Management) and M&A are set up in a strongly interdisciplinary manner. There will be an event on the topic of "Legal Tech" starting in the winter semester 2019/20. Contract Drafting / Negotiation deals with how to create international contracts, including the impact of digitalization.

    • Semester C

      Students focus entirely on writing their master’s thesis in the third semester. Students have six months to complete this. The thesis is a scientifically-based work on a topic that takes a practical-orientation. In the master’s colloquium, students present their thesis work and may also have the opportunity to defend them.

      Students also have the option of spending an additional semester at one of our European partner universities.

    Occupational Profile and Perspective

    The graduates of the Legal Management program are qualified for management positions in a wide array of companies both in Germany and abroad. In addition to working in legal areas, graduates often find employment in other related departments, such as compliance, (public) procurement, contract and claim management.

    • „Professors highlight both legal and business perspectives in their lectures, which show the possible conflict of interests between different company departments. This balance in lectures between law and management prepares us, on the one hand, to be able to fully grasp and analyze business decisions and processes and, on the other hand, to be able to optimally make these decisions by keeping the applicable laws in mind. This is exactly the added value of business lawyers and legal managers.”

      Nicole Neubrander, LL.B. - master's student

    • -    

      „I received a warm welcome at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences Konstanz after completing my bachelor’s degree elsewhere! Thanks to the very well-balanced course combinations in addition to the wealth of practical experience brought in by the professors, I felt I was optimally prepared for my current tasks.“

      Jens Lipiz, LL.M. - graduate and business lawyer in a large automobile company

    • „Companies need the joint understanding of business and law in order to remain competitive in the current globalized economy. The master’s program in Legal Management provides us students with an in-depth, holistic understanding of legal and business issues related to running a business and prepares to be able to take on management and leadership tasks in the future.“

      Sophie Schierholz, B.A. - Student

    Portrait of Prof. Dr. Burkhard Kahre

    Prof. Dr. Burkhard Kahre
    Program Director Business Law WR
    Room P 304
    +49 7531 206-577

    Silke Heilig
    Program Advisor, Business Law
    Room P 302
    +49 7531 206-760

    Sadiman Kalem
    Program Assistant
    Room P 303
    +49 7531 206-759

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