Campus Life

    Studying doesn’t only mean learning! In order to help make the beginning of your studies easier, we have put together tips for finding an apartment, financing your studies, getting scholarships as well as information about studying in “paradise”.

    Looking for Student Housing?

    It is possible to find an affordable room in Konstanz. Just try to get started looking early so you have enough time to find the right place. We’ve put together a list of the most important student accommodations in Konstanz and surroundings to help you find your new home.

    HTWG Magazin: Tips for Finding Accommodations in Konstanz (in German)

    Here's a Tip: Try looking for accommodations outside of Konstanz. With your Student Ticket (for regional trains and buses), you can commute to Konstanz from nearby cities Allensbach, Radolfzell, Singen, Engen, Stockach, Meersburg, and even Tuttlingen, Sigmaringen or Landschlacht (in Switzerland). These are also attractive places to live, and the rents there are generally cheaper.

    More Info about the Student Ticket

    Leo’s Tips for Finding Accommodations
    Freshman student, Leo, wants to help you find a place to live in Konstanz. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s tried it all: Lived in a dorm, a shared flat, and even spent a few nights in his car. How did he manage to find a place to live just before the start of the semester? Let him show you in his video:

    Link to Video "Looking for Accommodations in Konstanz" (in German)

    Student Dorms

    • Seezeit – Student Union Lake Constance

      The Seezeit – Student Union Lake Constance operates 13 dorms in Konstanz with rooms for about 3,000 students. You need to apply online to get into the dorms – See the Seezeit link below. Switch the language to English, scroll down to “Accommodation at Seezeit”, and click on “Online Application”. There you can enter your personal information and upload your letter of acceptance, transcript and passport photo.

      You can apply anytime; there is no deadline for applying for the Seezeit dorms. Rooms are allocated on a lottery basis. You will be informed via email when you get your room.

      Tel  +49 7531 – 88 7400

    • Church-Run Dorms

      Albertus Magnus Haus (AMH)
      The Albertus Magnus Haus is a student dorm with 348 single rooms for students enrolled at the HTWG Konstanz (preference) and the University of Konstanz. The dorm is run by the Catholic Church in Konstanz.

      Rheingutstraße 36
      78462 Konstanz

      Tel +49 7531 – 200130

      Thomas Blarer Haus (TBH)
      The Albertus Magnus Haus is a student dorm with 174 single rooms for students enrolled at the HTWG Konstanz and the University of Konstanz run by the protestant church. Both HTWG Konstanz and University of Konstanz students receive preference. The dorm is financed by Thomas and Margerete Blarer e.V. Konstanz.

      Thomas Blarer Haus Konstanz
      Rheingutstraße 32
      78462 Konstanz

      Tel +49 7531 – 25085

      Ambrosius Blarer Haus (ABH)
      This protestant student dorm consists of 39 single-room apartments, six 2-room apartments and one 4-room apartment.

      Ambrosius Blarer Haus Konstanz
      Sonnenbühlstraße 36b
      78464 Konstanz

      Tel +49 7531 – 2001-30

    • Other Student Housing


      Tel +49 7531 – 593811


      Tel +49 7531 – 16631

      C3 Student Apartments

      Tel +49 1522 – 1812540

      Campus Konstanz

      Tel +49 7544 – 9049595

    • Seezeit (Private) Room Listings

      If you’re looking for an apartment, shared flat, or single room, take a look at the Seezeit room listings. You can find accommodations or post your own ad for roommates here.

    • Accommodations in Exchange for Help

      The principle of this service is that students help their landlord / landlady by doing yardwork, babysitting, cleaning the apartment, or keeping them company in exchange for paying lower rent. This service is intended for seniors, families or people with disabilities who have an extra room and could use help with daily tasks.

      The Seezeit also looks for students who want to save some money on rent and are open to helping their landlord / landlady with such daily tasks. Sign up with us, and we’ll try set you up with those seeking (free of charge). We’re also available if you have questions or challenges.

    • Other Student Accommodations

      The team at the Seezeit Service Center is here to help you find a place to live in Konstanz and the surroundings. Please get in touch with us.


    Don’t forget to register at the Resident Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt)

    All new students in Konstanz are required by law to register at the Resident Registration Office within one week of their arrival here. This registration obligation is still required if you plan to maintain your previous residence (for example, at your parents). If you intend to register Konstanz as your second residence, keep in mind that you will be required to pay a second residence tax. This mainly concerns German students.

    Bürgerbüro of Konstanz
    Untere Laube 24
    78462 Konstanz

    The Bürgerbüro has special office hours for HTWG Konstanz students at the beginning of each semester. You can find more detailed information in your enrollment documents or during the Orientation events for new students