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    Your Path to Reaching our Students

    Find qualified employees or interns for your company from the talented pool of HTWG Konstanz graduates and current students. Make your company visible to our students: Present your company in our career portal!

    Our new career portal offers you the following options:

    • Post job openings
      (Full-time positions /positions for graduates, internship, student trainee-tasks, thesis positions, etc.)
    • Present your company profile
    • Publicize career and recruiting events


    Your Advantages

    • Increased visibility for your company
    • Reach students in all our departments
    • Easy to post job offers in the portal
    • The possibility of reposting archived job openings
    • Access to our internal application management system or forward queries to your company’s application management system
    • One central contact on campus for job openings
    • Access to statistics


    Data Protection

    To take advantage of our offer, you will be forwarded to an external website. Please note our corresponding Privacy Policy as well as our General Terms of Use.

    Our Offer for You

    • "Professional" (Year Subscription Profile) Offer *
      • Unlimited number of job postings for graduates
      • Unlimited number of job postings for internships, student trainee-jobs, thesis positions, etc.
      • Post company events and news

      Including company profile:

      •  Your own individualized company profile includes two sliders on the website:
        1. About Us
        2. Jobs
      • Space for company logo or banner
      • Link to your own homepage and social media
      • Description of company including presentation video


      Term: 12 months (or active funding period for the Germany Scholarship / Deutschlandstipendium)
      Cost: 500 EUR* (not including the legally valid VAT)
      (free of charge for sponsors in the framework of the Germany Scholarship)

      STARTING MAY 2021: Register for our "Professional" offer


      Partnerships in the Germany Scholarship / Deutschlandstipendium program cost 1,800 EUR per year.

      Please click here for more information about the Germany Scolarship

    * Discount for public institutions:
    Public institutions receive a 50% discount on our “Single” offer or “Professional” annual subscription.
    We require registration and verification via email.

    Click here for more information on…

    • Registering and posting job openings and company profiles


      1. Select one of our offers (please note our General Terms of Use for the cost-based offers)
      2. Click on the link to the career portal within the display for that offer.
        You will then be forwarded to the external website of the provider JobTeaser (please note the corresponding privacy policy and terms of use).
      3. Register here using your email address, then select a password and enter the additional requested information (contact data and details about the company).

      Post a Job Opening

      • As soon as you have completed the registration and clicked on “continue”, you will be directed to the input mask where you can post a job opening.
      • Here you can enter all information relevant to the position. There are a number of dropdown menus available for entering the details (contract type and duration, industry, location etc.)
      • IMPORTANT: Obligatory selection of tags – department(s)
        • Please select one or more HTWG departments for which your job opening would be relevant. You do in the “tags” section. This helps us better place job ads, simplifies the working process and, most importantly, makes student searches easier.
        • If your business is a public institution, please also select this as a key word.
        • Additional tags can also be used (e.g., international) depending on the nature of the position. This also makes it easier for students to use the search function.
        • The tags do NOT limit the visibility of the job opening. Your job opening will be visible to students from all degree programs regardless of the departments or degree programs you select.
      • However, you can decide to limit which students and degree programs can see the post. Under the field “visibility”, select “limit visibility to certain degree programs”. This is independent from the key word entry for department(s) which was selected above.
      • The next step is to enter a strong and informative text in the field “description”. Here you also have the option of uploading documents or pictures as well as placing links to external websites.
      • You can set it up that students apply for the open positions directly in the portal or use a link to apply via your company’s recruiting page. This is done by using the input mask.
      • Then click on “send job opening”.
      • Please note: The job opening is only posted after it has been authorized by our staff. We make our best effort to do this in a timely manner – at least once a day. We normally check the list of new job opening post in the morning.

      Setting Up a Company Profile

      • As soon as you have completed the registration process and clicked on “continue”, you will be directed to the input mask where you can set up a company profile.
      • Here you can enter all information relevant to your company.
      • Select “HTWG Konstanz exclusive” under the heading “partnership level”.
      • IMPORTANT: If you are registering a public institution and would like to take advantage of the 50% discount, please send us a separate Email with a verification of your organization’s non-profit status to
      • In addition to describing your company in detail, you also have the option of posting candidate profiles, information about the application process, putting links to your application page or the company’s social media pages, as well as uploading recruiting or company videos.
      • As soon as you have completed your profile, click on “set up company profile”.
      • After the company profile is ready, you can post an unlimited number of job openings in the back end (within the period of your subscription).
      • For a detailed description on how to do this, please read the information on „posting a job opening“ (points after the registration process).
      • Please note: Your company profile will only be viewable online after it has been authorized by our staff. We make our best effort to do this in a timely manner. We normally check the list of new company profiles and job opening posts in the morning (or at least once a day).
    • Invoicing for the fee-based offer

      As soon as you register for either the “single” or “year subscription profile” and post a job opening or company profile, you enter into a fee-based contractual agreement with the HTWG Konstanz (the “basis” offer is free of charge). The only requirement is that your offer or your profile has been authorized by our staff and thus posted online. For more information, please read our General Terms of Use.

      All revenues go to support the departments where you post your job openings For this reason it is obligatory to select one or more departments in the dropdown menu “key word” when posting a job opening (see also „registering and posting job openings and company profiles“). This helps to simplify our internal work processes.

    • Please have the following information and documents available:

    • Information about your company
      • Company name
      • Company adress
      • Contact person (name, first name, email address, telephone number)
      • Industry
      • Type of company (large company, SME, start-up, public institution/NGO)
    • Information about the job position
      • Title of job posting
      • Description of job tasks
      • Description of desired qualifications
      • Type of contract
      • Salary / remuneration
      • Starting date and duration
      • Professional area
      • Information (key word selection) for the primary department you are targeting1
      • Information on which degree programs the post is targeting (target degree programs)
      • and, where relevant, the number of open positions


      1 The job opening can still be viewed by other seekers. The identification supports our internal procedures: All revenues go to support the departments where you post your job openings (both the "single” offer and for publishing a job posting via the “year subscription profile”!).

    • Technical Requirements / Browser Check
      • Explorer 10.0 or higher
      • all other browsers unrestricted
      • JavaScript has been activated

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