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The Institute for Strategic Innovation and Technology Management is the competence center for innovation and strategy. Research focuses on Strategic Transformation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Startups, Ambidextrie, Agility and Digitalization.

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Institute for Strategic Innovation & Technology Management

Room: G 340
Rheingutstraße 28
78462 Konstanz

Phone: +49 (0) 7531 206 310
Fax: +49 (0) 7531 206 181

If you have any questions regarding the individual focal points of the institute, please contact the technical Contact Persons directly!

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Directions to the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz

  • Arrival by Car

    From Germany:

    Coming via the B33, follow the signs for Switzerland and immediately after crossing the Rhine, follow the signs for "Hochschule". Also follow the signs to Switzerland if you are coming from the north (ferry). After crossing the river (Seerhein), keep right and follow the signs to "Hochschule".

    From Switzerland:

    Coming from the community customs complex (N7), keep north towards Singen and follow the signs to "Hochschule" before you reach the Autobahn-Rheinbrücke bridge. From Kreuzlinger or Emmishofer Customs Duty, drive around the old town counterclockwise (do not cross the Rhine bridge!) and follow the signs to "Hochschule". 

  • Arrival by Train and Bus

    From the Konstanz railway station (DB/SBB) take bus no. 5 or 6 to the stop "Untere Laube" or bus no. 10 to the stop "Laube/Niederburg". From Kreuzlingen railway station take line 8, change "Bodanplatz" to bus lines 5, 6 and 10. From the ferry: line 1 to stop "Schottenplatz".

    Further Information: Public Utilities Konstanz.

  • Arrival by Ship

    The Konstanz harbour is located in the immediate vicinity of the Konstanz railway station. Bus lines 5, 6, 7 and 10 can be reached via the underpass on the other side of the railway tracks.

    Further Information: Public Utilities Konstanz

  • Arrival by Airplane

    The nearby airports are Zurich-Kloten and Friedrichshafen. Information on public transport for airport transfers can be obtained from the Electronic Timetable Information Baden-Württemberg.