IST Institute

    The Institute for Strategic Innovation and Technology Management is the competence center for innovation and strategy. Research focuses on Strategic Transformation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Startups, Ambidextrie, Agility and Digitalization.

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    Research - the Core of our Work

    In our research projects we attach great importance to practical relevance. We develop tools with which companies can structure and accelerate innovation processes.

    The research of the IST Institute is divided into three areas:

    • Strategic Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    • Technology Management

    Through regular publications, the Institute presents the findings of its various research projects to the scientific community and gains important insights for further work through discussion.

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    Research Projects

    Strategic Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    Research in this area focuses on dynamic skills, simultaneous mastery of innovation and efficiency, and Corporate Entrepreneurship. Here, companies are supported in strategic renewal and transition as well as in the implementation of innovation-oriented growth strategies. Strategic Innovation is therefore dedicated to the overall entrepreneurial implementation of innovation for the development of new business areas and the Strategic Transformation of the company.

    Technology Management

    In this area, the focus is on R&D management and, in particular, the design of interfaces between development and sales as well as sales and customers. For this purpose, technology and innovation concepts as well as methods and tools for the implementation of such concepts in products and services are researched.

    PhD Positions

    The IST Institute currently offers doctoral positions in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship!

    Research Projects

    • KMUdigital

      The International Lake Constance University (IBH)-Lab KMUdigital develops application-oriented tools and recommendations for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Lake Constance region for digital transformation. 

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    • ValueVentPro

      The doctoral project ValueVentPro aims at an empirically founded contribution to the survivability of technology start-ups. For this purpose, a structured analysis of business plan texts is carried out in cooperation with bwcon GmbH and investigation of transaction relationships as indicators.

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    • CoVent-RCT

      The CoVent-RCT is a randomized controlled study to investigate the impact of business coaching on the performance and survival probability of technology-based start-ups.

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    • Excubation

      Excubation is a cooperative research project of the University of Applied Sciences Constance and various partners from industry to develop a modular methodology and solution for the implementation of transformational innovation initiatives in technology companies.

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    • Invista WTI

      Invista WTI / Innovation Portal as a structure-building measure to support knowledge transfer and innovation projects by using IBH (International Lake Constance University) competence fields.

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    • iPlanPro - Complete solution for integrated strategic planning in medium-sized technological companies

      iPlanPro is a cooperative research project between the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz and partners from industry and science that aims to improve the strategic planning capabilities of medium-sized companies (SMEs).

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    • iTechSales

      itechSales is a completed, publicly funded research project in the field of strategic sales management, in particular sales automation, with the aim of strengthening the expansion capability of SMEs through new, more efficient sales channels.

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    • eArchitecture Lab

      The eArchitecture Lab of the business and application-oriented platform „Community of Practice for Strategic Management Architectures“, CoPS, is a Living Lab for strategic management systems. The aim of the eArchitecture Lab is to provide principles, working methods and leadership processes for strategic architectures, as well as an open test environment for new routines and system and software components.

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