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The Institute for Strategic Innovation and Technology Management is the competence center for innovation and strategy. Research focuses on Strategic Transformation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Startups, Ambidextrie, Agility and Digitalization.

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More agile, more Innovative, more Entrepreneurial in mastering the Changes of our Time

Published by Baltes, Freyth, Springer Gabler Verlag 2017
(ISBN-10: 3658048883)

The book describes the success factors of innovation- and change-capable agile companies and people and provides scientifically founded as well as practice-proven tools and questionnaires for your own assessment. On the basis descriptive practice cases the reader experiences, how he can strengthen necessary abilities for strategic renewal, innovation and growth purposefully. The reader receives tried and tested tools for diagnosing and strengthening change and innovation competencies at the level of the individual employee and manager as well as at the level of the organization.

This Book: 

  • Shows what distinguishes agile, adaptable and innovative companies and people who operate successfully in a volatile environment
  • Provides checklists for a realistic location analysis that show how fit your company, employees and executives are to succeed in dynamic markets and to innovate and grow
  • Teaches you how to make your company fit for the future and how to strengthen the dynamic capabilities of your organization and employees

In addition to the editors, renowned authors who are experts in their respective fields are also involved: Prof. Peter Franklin, Axel Kühn, Markus Plischke, Beatrice Rodenstock, Christoph Selig, Hans-Jörg Vohl, Prof. Jo Wickert.

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