Equal Opportunity and Diversity

    Advising/Coaching for Female Students

    We support young girls and women interested in studying in technical degree programs by offering the following advising and coaching options:

    •     Student orientation advising for female high school students
    •     One-on-one advising and qualification sessions for students during their studies
    •     Helping students get off to a good start in their careers
    •     Networking possibilities for young women
    •     Information about scholarships and grants

    There is also a nation-wide network initiative for women in the STEM degree programs and professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) called “Komm, mach MINT” (e.g., “Nurture the STEM”). See their website for exciting projects and grant opportunities:


    Female STEM Students at the HTWG Konstanz


    Mentoring Program for Female Students

    The mentoring program is a joint project between the HTWG Konstanz and the University of Konstanz in which women professionals in the areas of business, culture, politics and science support and coach female students and PhD students as they prepare to start their careers.
    Click here for more on our mentoring program