Business German and Tourism Management

    A cooperation between the Asian Studies program at the HTWG Konstanz and selected partner universities in ASIA: In this cooperation program, Asian students first complete a two-year program at their home universities, then finish their degree with a two-year program in Konstanz. Graduates earn a bachelor’s degree from both universities.

    We welcome you to the Business German and Tourism Management (WDT) program. This page provides you with information about the curriculum of the program. If you have any other questions, please contact the WDT project coordinator, Komang Di Maggio.

    Important Information for Winter Semester 2021/22

    The winter semester starts on October 04, 2021. As not all students are able to travel to Germany during the pandemic, all classes will continue to be offered in hybrid mode, meaning that the students will be offered the opportunity to attend all classes online, too.

    Studying at your Home University

    The preliminary studies (semesters 1-3) take place at the partner university.

    Module (for more information, please see the Study and Exam Guidelines):
    Reading Comprehension and Writing (I)
    Listening Comprehension and Speaking (I)
    Basics of Communicative Competence
    Reading Comprehension and Writing (II)
    Listening Comprehension and Speaking (II)
    Regional Studies Germany
    Reading Comprehension and Writing (III)
    Fundamentals of Science


    Program at the HTWG Konstanz

    • Preparatory Course

      New students in the Business German and Tourism Management (WDT) program take part in a preparatory course prior to the start of the semester (in September). The course is intended to prepare you for studying in Konstanz and to help you get off to a good start.

      Our preparatory course consists of the following classes and workshops:

      • Intensive German Course

      This course focuses on speaking and pronunciation and preparing students for intercultural situations.

      • Introduction to Business Administration

      The goal of this course is to provide students with basic business and economic background knowledge that they will need in courses such as Business Administration.

      • Workshop: Teambuilding

      In this workshop, students work in multicultural teams and learn to develop and express their creativity. The workshop promotes intercultural collaboration and academic success.

      • Outdoor Activity (Mainau Climbing Park)

      The excursion to the climbing park on the nearby Mainau Island helps first semester students develop group cohesion. They learn to trust in their own strengths, develop a positive group feeling and, last but not least, have a lot of fun.

      • Dealing with Formalities

      Our staff help with the bureaucratic formalities required for enrolling at the HTWG Konstanz.

      • Grand Finale: A Delicious Feast

      The final highlight of the course is a grand feast, a so-called “pot luck”, where students prepare culinary specialties from their home countries to share with the group. Students from upper semesters are invited to join the festivities and share their experiences in the program. A great time is had by all.



    • 4th Semester (1st semester in Konstanz)

      Business Communication (I)

      Business German (I)
      Regional Analysis Germany and Europe

      Service- and Tourism Management

      Fundamentals of Service- and Tourism Management

      Business Administration (I)

    • 5th Semester

      Business Communication (II)

      Business German (II)
      Intercultural Communication
      Business Psychology

      Marketing Touristic Services (I)

      Fundamentals of Marketing Touristic Services
      Market Research in Tourism

      Business Administration (II)

      Business Communication (III)

      Business English (I)

    • 6th Semester

      Business Communication (III)

      Business German (III)
      Scientific Writing
      Business English (II)

      Marketing Touristic Services (II)

      Strategic Marketing of Tourism Services
      International Tourism Management

      Service- and Tourism Management (II)

      Travel- and Contract Law

      Business Administration

      Business Administration (III)
      Business Administration (IV)

    • 7th Semester

      Elective Module

      1. 3-month professional internship
      2. Elective courses according to the WDT course cataloge

      Bachelor´s Modul

      Bachelor´s Thesis


    • General Information regarding internships

      As you could see in the above section regarding the 7th semester, students have the option of completing a 3-month internship. We highly recommend this to our Asian students as an opportunity to gain practical, professional experience. This internship should contain relevant, business content and tasks, and, if possible, should be done in Germany. However, it is possible to get an exception if you choose to do your internship in another German-speaking country, such as Austria or Switzerland.
      In order to help you find the right internship, the department has a list of companies and puts on an information event during the winter semester where you can also find an internship. Your job is to put together solid application materials to send to the companies. In order to help you do this, the HTWG Konstanz regularly offers a series of application trainings.
      In addition, we have our own WDT internship committee which also offers a series of events to support you during the internship process. Stop by Prof. Thimm’s office hours to take a look at our collection of students’ internship reports.
      Students receive 18 ECTS points for their 3-month internship (57 in-person workdays) and can receive a certification from the WDT program. During the internship, students remain enrolled at the HTWG Konstanz.