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    University of Applied Sciences Konstanz – Overview

    Facts & Figures

    What makes us stand out

    We Prepare Students for the Real World

    The HTWG Konstanz is a university of applied sciences, where classes are taught using a hands-on and practical approach. All bachelor’s degree programs include a required internship semester, in which students can directly apply what they’ve learned in classes and find out how to make the most of the second half of their studies.

    Our students often collaborate with companies on specialized, professional projects.

    The contacts established during the internships and project work give them a big advantage when later applying for jobs.

    Research and Applied Sciences

    The University of Applied Sciences Konstanz is a teaching AND research university. Our faculty have both the academic credentials (most have a PhD) and work experience in industry (at least five years of professional experience outside the university – often in leadership positions) to bridge the gap between academia and the business world.

    This combined theoretical and practical approach is a huge benefit for our students.

    Excellent Student-Faculty Ratio

    The 4,800 full-time students at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz are taught and supervised by more than 160 full-time professors and 230 adjunct faculty members who work in industry. The typical class size of 20 to 30 students allows for more direct interactions between students and professors.

    Outside of the classroom, our university is supported by a staff of 230 professionals who work in the various labs on campus or provide administrative services.

    Interdisciplinary Departments and Courses

    The University of Applied Sciences Konstanz offers innovative degree programs, such as the Engineering and Management major, which provide students with far more than just technical skills In addition to technical and business skills, students also acquire communication and foreign language skills in these interdisciplinary programs. Real-world project management experience helps them meet the professional challenges of working in the globalized business world.

    Our students also work in interdisciplinary project teams that develop, for example, electric motorcycles or race cars. Or they can experiment with their own ideas in our state-of-the-art Open Innovation Lab. Students also receive much-needed support when developing their own startup companies. Such projects and resources on campus provide students with invaluable real-world project experience before they
    start their careers – and make them more attractive to prospective employers.

    more about the eLaketric Racing Team (in German)

    more about the Bodensee Racing Team (in German)

    Future-oriented – Focusing on Sustainability and Digitalization

    The degree programs at the HTWG Konstanz – University of Applied Sciences are designed to create excellent career opportunities for our graduates. These programs are accredited by independent agencies, which certify the quality and up-to-date-ness of instruction as well as the relevance of our degrees on the labor market.

    The University of Applied Sciences Konstanz places a particular emphasis on the major issues of our times: sustainability and digitalization. These issues are interwoven in the curriculum of all our degree programs, often as specializations. So Mechanical Engineering students can, for example, focus on “energy technology and renewable energies” or “production management and digital production” during their studies.

    Part of our mission is to also provide our students with so-called “Future Skills”. These interdisciplinary skills, which include data analysis, collaboration, and a business mindset, prepare our graduates to help forge the ongoing digital and societal transformation


    Modern Infrastructure

    The University of Applied Sciences Konstanz features state-of-the-art infrastructure, offering both faculty and students cutting-edge tools for efficient and advanced teaching and learning.

    This infrastructure includes a modern computer center, our award-winning library, and a wide-range of labs, such as the Open Innovation Lab.

    more about HTWG´s library

    more about HTWG´s Open Innovation Lab (in German)


    Beautiful Location

    The city of Konstanz is the largest and most attractive city on Lake Constance and a focal point in the “Euregio Bodensee” (the European region that includes western Austria and eastern Switzerland). Konstanz is a well-known tourist destination thanks to its attractive natural surroundings, extensive recreational opportunities and historical and cultural riches.

    Apart from its beauty, the city is also known for R & D activity in various fields and its engineering, pharmaceutical, biotech and media companies, not to mention tourism.

    The University of Applied Sciences Konstanz has developed partnerships with many of these companies, giving students ample opportunities to complete an internship semester or write their thesis at a company.

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