Campus Life

    Studying doesn’t only mean learning! In order to help make the beginning of your studies easier, we have put together tips for finding an apartment, financing your studies, getting scholarships as well as information about studying in “paradise”.

    Information about Scholarships

    This section provides information about applying for the wide range of scholarships available to students. Scholarships are usually the best way to finance your studies – since they don’t have to be paid back. In addition to the financial support, many foundations will also provide academic and career guidance. Many of these foundations also offer scholarships for international students.

    IMPORTANT: Remember to inform yourself in advance the different scholarships and their application deadlines! Keep in mind: most applications need to be submitted before the start of the semester. That means January – April for the summer semester and September/October for the winter semester. Some of these scholarships can support you throughout your studies – so apply, if possible, right when you arrive on campus.

    Federal "Gifted and Talented" Scholarships for University Students

    The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) offers “gifted and talented” scholarships for young students like yourself. These scholarships include both financial support that does not have to be paid back as well as “ideological” training.  They offer summer camps, invitations to conferences, personal supervision from an advisor, alumni-networks, and internships abroad. Scholarships are awarded to students who they view as self-reliant and critical thinkers. Make sure to apply!

    Current News

    Want to study in the US? Yes, please! Apply for a Fulbright Scholarship for 2023-24!

    All students at universities of applied sciences can apply now for this top US scholarship for the 2023-24 academic year. The scholarship covers a 4-9 month full-time master’s study at a US university. The application deadline is August20, 2022. Recipients receive a scholarship valued up to $34,500 and are also supported by the Fulbright network.

    Click here for more information

    Additional interesting scholarships for students

    • Scholarships for Specific Studies
      • GOLDBECK-Scholarship
        The GOLDBECK Scholarship, a partnership between the institution and the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz, supports engaged and qualified students in the civil engineering program.
      • Thomas Gessmann Foundation
        This foundation offers financial support to students in technical and natural sciences programs in Baden-Württemberg who lack the financial means to pay for their studies.
      • MTU Studies Foundation
        The MTU Studies Foundation aims to support talented and committed young women in technical-scientific degree programs.
      • Scholarship supports outstanding students in the fields of the natural sciences, engineering, law, computer science and medicine. Students in other majors can also apply if they display a strong interest in business topics, having a minor in a suitable field or doing an internship.
      • Google Europe: Students with Disabilities Scholarship
        This scholarship is intended for students in computer science, computer technology and related fields. All applications must be submitted in English.
        Link to Google Scolarship
      • The Industrieforschung Foundation
        The Industrieforschung foundation offers 16 scholarships each year to particularly qualified students at German universities of applied sciences who are writing a scientific-based or practically-oriented master’s or “Diplomarbeit”.
    • Scholarships for Studying Abroad

      There are various scholarships for students who want to study abroad. Which scholarship you choose depends on the country you plan to visit and the university there, as well as your personal qualifications. Each scholarship has a different focus, criteria and their own application process. Therefore we recommend that you get in touch with the International Office, to see which scholarships would best suit you.

      The following is a list of possible scholarships:

      • UAS.International Project (HTWG)
        The “UAS.International” is a project group aiming to increase internationalization on the HTWG Konstanz campus. They offer multiple scholarships for students who would like to study abroad in 2022 and beyond. The goal of the scholarship is to support students studying or completing an internship abroad that fits into the framework of their major.
        More information about UAS.International
      • Baden-Württemberg Scholarship
        The Baden-Württemberg Foundation offers scholarships for highly-qualified German/domestic and foreign students and graduates who wish to do an international exchange. The study and research scholarships are awarded equally to applicants from Baden-Württemberg and abroad.
        More info about the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship
      • PROMOS
        The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports student mobility through its PROMOS program. These scholarships are intended for students who wish to study abroad, covering, for example, semester fees, studying abroad at short notice, transportation costs for international internships, etc. Students can apply for the academic year 2022/2023.
        More info on PROMOS
      • Haniel Scholarship Program
        The Haniel Foundation offers seven scholarships for students pursuing a business-oriented degree abroad.  
        More info on the Haniel Scholarship Program
      • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
        These DAAD scholarships are intended for German students at the HTWG Konstanz who plan to do their studies at a university abroad.
        DAAD Scholarship Data bank (in German)
    • Scholarships for "Second Chance" Studies
      • SBB upward mobility scholarships
        The upward mobility scholarship offers committed specialists with professional training and practical experience the financial support to study at a university of applied sciences. These scholarships can be either used to pursue a full-time or part-time degree at an accredited university of applied sciences. To learn more:
    • Scholarships for Immigrants and Foreigners
      • Otto Benecke Foundation Scholarships
        The Otto Benecke Foundation scholarships are intended for young immigrants - refugees, Jewish immigrants, or ethnic German immigrants (from Eastern Europe) - who live in Germany and want to study at a university of applied sciences. The goal is to help integrate these persons in Germany and, in some situations, help them continue their studies. For more information:
      • Scholarship for Refugees
        The Scholarship for Refugees, offered by the Evangelischen Studienwerk Villigst, supports both prospective refugee students as well as refugee students currently studying at German universities of applied sciences. The Scholarship for Refugees is for full-time students and covers the entire studies. The Evangelischen Studienwerk Villigst consciously aims to support students with different religious backgrounds in order to promote inter-religious dialog.
      • Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation Scholarships
        The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation offers scholarships to foreigners who come to Germany to pursue their studies. The scholarship is intended exclusively for international students, and students from all majors can apply. They only need to be enrolled at a German university of applied sciences.
      • Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships for Foreign Students
        The Friedrich Ebert Foundation scholarships are intended for foreign applicants who are already pursuing their studies or a PhD at a university of applied sciences in Germany. In addition to good grades and advanced German language proficiency, applicants are expected to display social engagement. The scholarships support up to 40 students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.
      • DAAD Data Base
        Take a look at the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) data base to find information about financial aid for academic exchanges both for studies and research in Germany. 
        DAAD Data base
    • Scholarships for the Needy or Working-class Students
      • Reemtsma-Scholarship
        The Reemtsma organization offers scholarships for talented pupils and students whose families lack the financial resources to support their studies. For more information, please see:
      • Lux Like Studies
        The Lux Like Studies scholarship program supports pupils and prospective students who do not come from academic families both prior to and during their stud. These scholarships are only open to prospective students prior to their application deadlines. For more information:
      • Pfungst-Scholarship
        The Dr. Arthur Pfungst Foundation offer full scholarships and book stipends to talented and financially needy students during their studies. The scholarships are for bachelor’s and master’s students in all degree programs. For more information:
    • Scholarships for Students with Children
      • MAWISTA Scholarships
        MAWISTA scholarships are intended for students with children who want to study abroad. They receive a single 3,000 EUR payment. For more information:
    • Scholarships for Students with Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities
      • Aktion Luftsprung
        These scholarships are intended for highly motivated and engaged students who have a chronic illness, such as cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel disease (especially Crohn's disease), rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis. For more information:
      • Foundation for intestinal illnesses
        This foundation provides financial support for students with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. For more information:
    • Scholarships for Interns
      • IAESTE
        The IAESTE organization has been supporting students completing internships abroad in all technical and scientific fields since 1950. Most IAESTE internships last about 2-3 months and are usually done during the summer months. For more information:

    Germany Scholarship

    The so-called “Germany Scholarship” has been available for students at the HTWG Konstanz – University of Applied Sciences since 2018/19. It provides students with a stipend of € 300 per month throughout their studies. Students can apply each year before the start of the winter semester. For more information:

    Germany Scholarship at the HTWG