Intelligent driver assistance systems for balancing passenger transporter

Many people have difficulty walking longer distances due to age or illness, but want to remain active and mobile. High mobility and agility are of central importance to enable social participation in everyday life or on vacation. In addition to the highest demands for robustness, dynamics and comfort, the safety of people in complex traffic environments is a top priority.

Central topics of the research project are:

  • Adaptive control concepts to enable driver-independent identical system behavior
  • Extended multi-object tracking with stereo cameras to detect the environment and other road users and their state of motion
  • Predictive control concepts to detect potentially dangerous situations at an early stage and, if necessary, initiate steps for warning or collision avoidance
  • Optimal control concepts for redundant permanently excited synchronous motors

The ISD members Hannes Homburger (control engineering/actuator technology) and Patrick Hoher (signal processing) involved in the project, in close cooperation with  JOYY Mobility GmbH and Ingenieurbüro Riexinger.

Hannes Homburger
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Patrick Hoher
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Prof. Dr. Johannes Reuter
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