Control System Laboratory Experiments

Ball on Wheel Experiment





Double Pendulum on Cart





Automated Truck-Trailer Parking





Overhead Crane

Autonomous Operation of the MonoChair2

In the summer, the team succeeded in having the MonoChair2 drive autonomously along a lemniscate. This is done by controlling the speed and yaw angle against disturbance variables such as the ground conditions or the slope of the surroundings. The setpoints for the underlying control loops are calculated by an intelligent control algorithm based on a model of the system. The knowledge gained will be incorporated into the Driver Assistance Systems project.


Collision Avoidance MonoChair2

Braking Maneuver

Full-Scale Data

Autonomous Docking

MPPI Control of a Furuta pedulum

Slow Swing Up

Fast Swing Up

Disturbance Reaction of a LQ-Regulator

Mono Chair 2