Intelligent control of solenoid actuators

There are many approaches for generating the required motion of grippers. The use of magnetic shape memory alloy (MSM) is relatively new. The properties of MSM elements make them suitable for use in grippers. MSM elements have a pronounced hysteresis curve that needs to be approximated for model-based control.  In cooperation with the ETO group, control algorithms for force and position of the gripper are to be developed.


  •     Multistable behavior                        
  •     Energy-efficient bistable gripper with force reduction
  •     Comparatively high power density  
  •     Scalable compact miniature gripper
  •     Inverse MSM effect              
  •     Possibilities of self-sensing (sensorless design)

From ISD, Stefan Wirtensohn (control engineering/mechanics) and Frieder Luginsland (control engineering\modeling) are involved in the project, in close cooperation with the ETO group.


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