Das Konstanz Institut für Corporate Governance

    Konstanz Institute for Corporate Governance - KICG

    The Konstanz Institute for Corporate Governance (KICG) is a research institute focusing on corporate governance, compliance and business and corporate ethics. Our research activities are interdisciplinarity and take a needs-based and practical approach.

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    • Start of the KICG research project "Compliance and Integrity as a Leadership Task and Culture Shaping - Enablement. Empowernment. Effectiveness"

      The current research project is funded by the KBA-NotaSys Integrity Fund. Co-sponsors and cooperation partners are Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft and the international law firm Morrison & Foerster LLP.
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    • New edition of the Compliance Management Manual

      Under the editorship of Prof. Dr. habil. Josef Wieland, Hon. Prof. Dr. Roland Steinmeyer LL.M. and Prof. Dr. Stephan Grüninger, the Compliance Management Handbook has been published by Erich Schmidt Verlag (ESV) in its 3rd edition. Sustainable compliance is an essential aspect of successful corporate management and thus a leadership and management task. This basic conviction is the focus of the Compliance Management Handbook. The authors explain the character and minimum requirements that successful compliance management in business and administration must fulfil today in order to be credible, efficient and effective. In addition, the conceptual and at the same time practice-oriented contributions also address the still open questions for compliance management, especially in a globalized business world. The contributions are written by academics and experienced practitioners.
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      Compliance Management Handbook.


    • Compliance Essentials (Multistakeholder-Analyse)

      In the period from May 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016, the KICG evaluated the practical applicability of the research results from the predecessor project "Guidelines for the Management of Organizational and Supervisory Duties" with the involvement of relevant stakeholders. The research results of this "multi-stakeholder analysis" are summarized in the brochure "Compliance Essentials - What really counts from the perspective of the judiciary, associations and companies".
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    • New members at KICG

      The KICG is delighted to welcome Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wecker and Prof. Dr. Erdal Yalcin as new members. With their expertise in the fields of sustainability, transformation and international economic relations, they enrich the existing team and promise to provide innovative impulses for future research. We are looking forward to the upcoming collaboration and the valuable contributions that Prof. Wecker and Prof. Yalcin will make.


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    • Anti-corruption compliance and integrity management in high-risk countries

      How do medium-sized companies with international business activities deal with compliance risks? How do they manage the specific challenges of compliance in growth countries that are classified as high-risk countries from a compliance perspective? And what does this mean for compliance officers in SMEs?

      These questions were the focus of an application-oriented research project at the Konstanz Institute for Corporate Governance.

      The now published compendium "ANTI-CORRUPTION COMPLIANCE AND INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT IN HIGH-RISK COUNTRIES - CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS" presents the key findings of the study.

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    • KICG Guidelines: Recommendations for the Design of Compliance Management Systems

      The objective of the research project "Guidelines for the Management of Organisational and Reporting Duties" was to identify the requirements for the fulfilment of essential organisational duties (including duties of care and supervision) in the management and supervision of companies, to examine the principles of the management measures required for this purpose and to develop derived guidelines for the assessment of organisational and supervisory duties with recommendations for the implementation of concrete measures within the framework of an appropriate and functional CMS for companies of different levels of compliance complexity.  The research project, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) over a period of two years, has now produced a total of six documents.
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    • Corporate Integrity & Compliance - What really matters.

      The Forum Compliance & Integrity (FCI), under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stephan Grüninger, has published a handbook on the subject of "Corporate Integrity & Compliance - What is really important". The FCI handbook would firstly like to contribute to the discussion on how measures of "Integrity Management" can improve the effectiveness of conventional compliance systems. Furthermore, it is intended to promote reflection on corporate responsibility that goes beyond the legally standardised standards and to familiarise decision-makers in companies with the essential principles, theoretical contexts and application-related concepts on the subject of corporate integrity. 

      Further information and the download link can be found on the homepage of the German Network Business Ethics e.V. (DNWE).

    • KICG Research Papers

      The "KICG Research Papers" series documents and communicates the results of research activities conducted at the KICG.

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    • KICG study investigates compliance communication in German companies

      Together with the communications agency Martin et Karczinski, the question of how questions of compliance can gain external credibility and internal persuasive power for large corporations as well was analysed. A total of over 60 Chief Compliance Officers were interviewed.

      Further information on the study is available now.


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