Das Konstanz Institut für Corporate Governance

    Konstanz Institute for Corporate Governance

    The Konstanz Institute for corporate governance (KICG) has set its goal on expanding and promoting business-legal research in the area of corporate governance thanks to the comprehensive expertise of its members. Simultaneously, the strong research focus contributes to the top-notch academic environment in the Business Administration department at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences.

    The importance of corporate governance has been increasing enormously over the last years and is a central and integrating factor for the practice of running a company. This is true both at the national and international level. However, the concept is not only to be understood in the more narrow sense of a control function, monitoring, legal compliance, risk management, anti-fraud management, etc. It is much more about the expanded concept of corporate governance, namely the leadership, management and monitoring of the company in the sense of responsible management, such as is also required according to the German Corporate Governance Codex (DCGK). Even the concept of responsibility is to be understood in all its various facets: economic, legal, social. The decisive condition of good corporate governance is the successful simultaneity of the three dimensions. This is also reflected in an effective compliance and integrity management system.

    This comprehensive understanding corresponds to the relevance and orientation of the international scientific research carried out in this area by the KICG. Interdisciplinarity is a fundamental aspect of our research activities, which includes, among other things, the areas of Economics, Law, Organizational Theory, Management and Business and Organization Ethics. The goal is also to contribute to the economic, legal and socially sustainable orientation of management.

    The Konstanz Institute for Corporate Governance was founded in 2008 as one of the three research focusses at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences that was intended to strengthen and promote research at our university. Founding members include Prof. Dr. habil. Josef Wieland, Prof. Peter Franklin M.A. and Prof. Dr. Werner Volz. Prof. Dr. Stephan Grüninger joined the institute in 2009 and was appointed head of the KICG. You can find the members of the institute here.