Das Konstanz Institut für Corporate Governance

    SDG Voyager

    A practical guide to aligning business excellence with Sustainable Development Goals

    The "SDG Voyager" is a guideline for the perception of corporate responsibility in the sense of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The publication offers concrete recommendations for action for companies and organizations that wish to orient themselves in their core business to the 17 goals for sustainable development of the United Nations.

    The publication can be downloaded here.  

    Compliance Essentials (Multistakeholder-Analysis)

    In the period from 1 May 2015 to 31 October 2016, the KICG evaluated the practicability of the research results from the predecessor project "Guidelines for the Management of Organisational and Supervisory Duties" with the involvement of relevant stakeholders. The research results of this "multi-stakeholder analysis" are summarised in the brochure "Compliance Essentials - What really counts from the perspective of the judiciary, associations and companies". You may find further information and download of the publication here.

    Compliance in medium-sized companies

    In the study "Compliance in medium-sized businesses" by the Center for Business Compliance & Integrity (CBCI), the current status of medium-sized companies with regard to compliance is examined. It is determined in which respect the topic of compliance is relevant for medium-sized companies and in which direction it will develop in the future. Furthermore, the areas in which the implementation of compliance is particularly challenging will be identified, as well as approaches and measures with which these challenges can be met.

    Download of the study results

    Guidelines for the Management of Organizational and Supervisory Duties

    The research project "Guidelines for the Management of Organizational and Reporting Obligations" has resulted in recommendations for action and guidelines for the design and assessment of compliance management systems. You may find further information and download of the KICG Guidelines here.

    KICG-Research Papers

    The series "KICG Research Papers" documents and communicates the results of the research activities carried out at the KICG.

    The research papers published so far can be downloaded here.

    KICG-Study investigates compliance communication in German companies

    Together with the communications agency Martin et Karczinski, the question was analysed as to how compliance issues can gain credibility externally and persuasiveness internally, even for large corporations. A total of over 60 Chief Compliance Officers were surveyed.

    The study is available via email at for 38.90 Euro plus VAT and shipping costs (shipping via Deutsche Post).