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Software is ubiquitous today. Hardly any technical devices work without software anymore, from the car to the telephone to consumer electronics, to list only a few examples. The amount of time and energy put into software development is taking on a greater and greater percentage of overall product development resources. Basically all companies and agencies - regardless of the industry - can only manage their everyday processes with massive software support. IT support and the optimization of business processes often determine businesses’ competitive advantage.

As diverse as the uses of software are, so diverse and exciting is the field of Computer Science itself and the professional opportunities for graduates in the field. Creative tinkerers, extroverted consultant types, sharp analytical thinkers, organizational go-getters, management types, and not to forget: the little-bit-of-everything personalities. Everyone, woman or man, can make more out of their lives with solid computer science knowledge.

We offer you practically-oriented, job-secure degree programs, whose sound professional profile is oriented to the labor market. We provide our students with both the fundamentals as well as current developments in the field, all presented at the highest standard.



Prof. Dr. Hanno Langweg
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Michaela Baier
Office assistant, Department of Computer Science
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