Welcome to the HTWG Konstanz admissions page. Here you'll find the information you need to apply to our degree programs.

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    Apply to Audit Classes

    It is possible to take courses at the HTWG Konstanz even if you are not enrolled for a specific major. People who want to learn about a subject to see if they’re interested in studying in that field or adults in the community who wish to expand their knowledge can audit classes.

    If you would like to audit classes at the HTWG Konstanz, please send an informal written request to be admitted as an auditing student to the responsible personnel for the department of your choice in the registrar’s office. You need to submit your request before the start of the semester. Please inform the program about your wishes and inquire about any prerequisites for courses in advance.

    More Specific Information

    If you have more specific questions about a course you’re interested in, please contact that department directly. You can contact the program coordinator or the academic dean for questions about how the auditing program is set up, how to access IT-systems, or questions about the program.

    List of HTWG Konstanz Departments

    Application Details

    • Your informal application letter should include the following: personal information (name, address, date of birth, profession, citizenship)
    • Course(s) you wish to attend (course titles, degree programs, instructors, and hours per week). This information can be found in the Study and Exam Guidelines and the Official List of Exams (link to German websites)
    • Auditing students can take a maximum of 12 course hours per week
    • Short description of your motivation

    Application Review

    Your application to audit classes will be forwarded to the corresponding instructor(s) or the program head.
    They will then decide if:

    • there is enough space in the course(s) to add an auditing student
    • your educational background suffices for participating in the course


    If your application is approved, you will receive an official acceptance letter which includes the fees for auditing courses (see below). A payment form will be sent separately.

    Auditing Student Confirmation

    You will receive an official confirmation of your status as an auditing student including the courses you signed up for by mail after payment has been received by our finance department. This official confirmation functions as your student ID.

    Legal Basis for Auditing Courses

    This section contains a few legal issues related to auditing classes at the HTWG Konstanz. These include fees, status of auditor, and exams. 

    List of Fees per Semester (From Student and Academic Affairs)

    1   Fees for Auditing Classes --- Per Semester
    1.1 Up to 4 course hours/week ----   € 60
    1.2 Up to 8 course hours/week ----  € 120
    1.3 Over 8 course hours/week ----  € 150
    1.4. Cost for reissuing auditing student form --- € 3.30

    Excerpt Higher Education Law: § 64 Par. 1 Related to Auditing Students
    (1) Individuals with the appropriate educational or artistic background can participate in courses (as an auditing student), assuming there is sufficient capacity in the course. Auditing students are not allowed to take exams. Courses attended by auditing students are not graded and cannot be applied towards a degree.