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    Special Auditing Program for Refugees

    The Special Auditing Program was set up to offer refugees the opportunity to audit classes at the HTWG Konstanz for free. In order to take part, you must be eligible to study at a German university of applied sciences and have the appropriate residency permit. This section will explain the details.

    Target group for the Special Auditing Program

    1. Individuals with international protection status:

    Persons entitled to asylum according to § 25 paragraph 1 Residence Act (AufenthaltsG); Recognized refugees according to the Geneva Refugee Convention in accordance with § 25 (2) sentence 1 1. Alt. AufenthaltsG; Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection pursuant to Section 25 (2) sentence 1 2. Alt. AufenthaltsG;

    2. Persons with protection against deportation according to § 25 (3) Residence Act (AufenthaltsG);

    3. Refugee applicants according to § 55 of the Asylum Procedure Act

    4. Tolerated persons in accordance with § 60a Residence Act (AufenthaltsG).

    The status needs to be verified with the corresponding regulatory documents.


    Prospective students interested in participating in this program should contact the Refugees@HTWG (Intercultural Center) directly to set up an advising session. This advising session will include someone from the Intercultural Office and from the major you’re interested in. This is the process:

    Together you arrange a schedule of classes for the semester. And if possible, they also find you a mentor or a person to support you during your studies at the HTWG Konstanz.

    After selecting your courses for the semester, you need to attend at least three courses just to see if it’s the right class for you.

    After attending the courses, both you and your advisor need to agree that you should participate in the auditing program. The next step is to then apply for admissions as an auditing student in the Special Auditing Program. These applications are submitted to the Student Department (Studentische Abteilung).


      If you would like to audit classes in the HTWG Konstanz Special Auditing Program, please send an informal written request to the registrar’s office (Studierendensekretariat) before the start of the semester.

      Application Details

      Your informal application letter should include the following:  

      • Personal information (name, address/contact, date of birth, profession (if applicable), nationality
      • Your official status documentation
      • Course(s) you wish to attend (course titles, degree programs, instructors, and hours per week). This information can be found in the Study and Exam Guidelines and the Official List of Exams. Auditing students normally can take a maximum of 12 course hours per week. Students who wish to take more than 12 hours must submit a written request.
      • Short description of your motivation

      Application Review

      After acceptance, we will set up an advising session to decide on your major. In case Refugees@HTWG and the representative from the department cannot determine your target major, your application will be forwarded directly to the instructor or head of the department where you wish to attend courses. They will then decide if:

      A) There is enough room in the course(s) to add an auditing student

      b) Your educational background is suitable for participating in the course

      Application Decisions and Auditing Student Confirmation

      The final decision on the application will be made by the head of the registrar’s office. If your application is approved, you will receive an acceptance letter and an auditing student confirmation by mail. Students accepted to the Special Auditing Program do not have to pay the normal auditing student fees.

      What Auditing Students are Allowed to do

      The auditing student confirmation allows you to:

      • Take the classes specifically listed on the written confirmation
      • Access library services
      • Use campus IT services – your professor will provide you with this access for the duration of the course if necessary
      • Auditing students are however not considered matriculated students at the HTWG Konstanz. You are not permitted to take exams. You are also not insured by the HTWG Konstanz insurance fund.

      For questions about the Special Auditing Program, please contact the Refugees@HTWG (Intercultural Center):

      Building E, Room E304

      Monday to Wednesday 11:00 – 12:00 (or by appointment)

      Please call to set up an individualized advising session!