Facilities and Infrastructure

    Students and faculty can take advantage of our university’s excellent infrastructure on a compact and convenient campus. We offer an award-winning library, well-equipped computer pools, innovative cutting-edge labs such as the Open Innovation Lab (OIL) as well as numerous advising centers.

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    Academic Success

    Many students find the transition from high school to college challenging. Besides being a big move emotionally (leaving family and friends, living on your own), the workload for your classes can also be a big challenge. That’s why the IKZ has set up a series of workshops and events to ease your transition to the HTWG Konstanz and help you get ahead in your studies. Our offers include:

    Warming-Up Event
    Our orientation program for our new bachelor’s and master’s students – with an intercultural touch

    Strong in Studies and Beyond (SSB)
    A series of interactive workshops led by HTWG staff and external coaches and trainers focusing on essential study skills

    Buddy Program
    A learning partnership between new international students and an upper-class student – this is your opportunity to support a new international student in your major

    Warming-Up “Studying at a University of Applied Sciences”

    The Warming-Up event is a one-day orientation event for all first semester students (both domestic / German and international). The goal of this event is to familiarize you with the different aspects of university life before you start your studies.

    You get to know other first semester students, learn about basic study skills, get advice from upper-semester students about how to get off to a good and relaxing start, and get a short introduction to intercultural topics!

    The Warming-Up event always takes place the week before classes start – in late September for the winter semester and in early March for the summer semester.

    More information and registration details

    Strong in Studies and Beyond (SSB)

    The SSB is a workshop series to help you improve your study skills and prepare you for starting your career. This series, a collaboration between the IKZ and the Equality Team, offers eight different 3-hour workshops each semester. The SSB workshops are open to all HTWG-Konstanz students – and you can even earn ECTS credits!

    These workshops, led by HTWG staff and external coaches and trainers, cover a wide range of topics from preparing successfully for exams and academic writing skills to time management strategies.

    ECTS credits: Participate in 6 of the 8 offered workshops and receive 2 ECTS points (or 1 for the price of 3!) towards your degree.

    Registration: Please register for the workshops via moodle. And also note: Registration is binding, meaning we then expect you to actually come to the workshop.

    Program overview (PDF)

    Click here for more information and registration

    Buddy Program

    The Buddy Program is a learning partnership between a 2nd or 3rd year HTWG student and a new international student. You, the current student, help the new international student navigate the campus and their new studies. Your benefit? Do something to help other students – and fulfil Module 3 in the "Studium International" Certificate.

    Buddy students help by:

    •     Sharing experiences about classes
    •     Answering questions about their majors
    •     Helping to understand and manage course requirements
    •     Helping to deal with administration issues on campus
    •     Giving an introduction to student life in Konstanz

    For more information and to sign up