Intercultural Center

    Welcome to the Intercultural Center (IKZ) at the HTWG Konstanz. Are you an international student? Are you a domestic student from Germany who wants to study or work abroad? We have a number of courses, workshops and services specifically for you.

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    Intercultural Skills

    Intercultural knowledge and skills are essential for navigating the world today. The main focus of the Intercultural Center (IKZ) is therefore on helping HTWG Konstanz students and staff gain exactly these skills. Take a look at our courses, workshops and events:

    Basics of Intercultural Communication
    Take our workshop-style block course for ECTS credits

    How to Feel at Home in a Foreign Country
    Share your experiences of living in another culture with other students

    Studium International Certificate
    Get intercultural credentials for your career and CV

    Intercultural Workshop for Exchange Students
    This workshop will get ready for your time in Konstanz

    International Day Event

    Basics of Intercultural Communication Course

    What does culture actually mean? How are cultures different? How do people in different cultures act and communicate? What are the challenges of intercultural communication, particularly when working in international teams? How can we deal with these challenges? These questions are at the heart of this block course we offer each semester.

    The class can either be taken to fulfill MODULE 2 of the “Studium International” Certificate or as a course in the Extracurricular Studies (Studium generale) Program (for 2 ECTS points, 3 SWS).

    More information on the course

    How to Feel at Home in a Foreign Country

    Are you looking for a place to share your experiences of living in another country or in Germany? Would you like to share some cultural experiences you’ve had that were a bit strange or uncomfortable or just funny? Then come join our group "Surviving in a Foreign Country! This group for both international and domestic/German students (also those now living abroad!) meets once a month online.

    Goal of the group is to discuss:

    • Any challenging (or interesting) situations – “critical incidents” – that you have experienced in another country that may have to do with culture (with roommates, classmates, professors, in offices, shops or restaurants)
    • Ideas about how to explain these situations in cultural terms
    • Brainstorms how you can handle these situations differently in the future

    Check our Events page for the next meeting!

    Studium International Certificate

    Show future employers or graduate schools that you have intercultural skills – get the IKZ “Studium International” Certificate while doing your studies. The certificate includes three modules with different requirements that you complete over several semesters.

    The certificate that prepares you for working internationally in intercultural teams. What are the advantages of the certificate?

    • You gain invaluable intercultural skills to prepare you for working internationally in intercultural teams.
    • Makes your CV stand out – shows employers that you actually have the intercultural skills they’re looking for.
    • Last but not least, international exchange is simply fun: gain new experiences and make new friends.

    Click here for more information on the certificate

    Intercultural Workshop for Incoming Exchange Students

    The IKZ offers an intercultural workshop for exchange students as part of their orientation week program. This 3-hour workshop covers some of the basics about culture, cultural differences (particularly in Germany), and some ideas to help you adjust to life here.

    It’s also a great chance for us at the IKZ to meet you and for you to find out more about the IKZ.

    These workshops always take place during the orientation week just before the start of the summer and winter semesters.

    International Day Event

    One of the highlights of the year is the International Day, a one-day event  for all HTWG Konstanz students, faculty and staff and visitors covering a range of practical workshops as well as fun activities. The event takes place once a year during the winter semester, usually in November.

    Some of the highlights from the 2021 International Day included workshops and talks on:

    • Studying or working abroad
    • How to write an English CV
    • International degree programs at the HTWG
    • How to apply to the HTWG Konstanz
    • Where refugees can get legal advice
    • “Speed dating” event – getting a quick taste of a foreign languages
    • How to cook international meals

    See the 2021 International Day flyer

    The next International Day will take place in November, 2022. You can get all the details on our Events page – or just drop us a line!