Internationalization is a central part of the overall strategic plan at the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences. This campus-wide mission affects all aspects of our work, from teaching, research & transfer, to our continuing education program and administration. This page provides an overview of the internationalization activities we are currently pursuing at the HTWG Konstanz. Our goal is to consolidate these activities even more firmly at all levels of our university - while continuing to advance our international agenda.

    The HTWG Konstanz aims to professionalize and further develop its internationalization structures. To help us achieve this goal, we have been awarded a four-year UAS.International (Module B) grant by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The UAS.International Program specifically supports the internationalization efforts at universities of applied sciences with a variety of grants.


    The UAS.International project, which runs from 2019-2023, is headed by the following HTWG Konstanz faculty and staff:
    - Verena Gründler, Head of the International Students Office
    - Prof. Dr. Konstantin Hassemer, Professor for International Management and Academic Dean for the Asian Studies degree programs (Business, Cultural, and Legal Studies Department)
    - Prof. Dr. Christian von Lübke, Professor for Southeast Asian Studies, Regional Coordinator for Southeast Asia (Business, Cultural, and Legal Studies Department)
    - Prof. Dr. Gunter Voigt, Professor for High Voltage Technology, Exchange Program Coordinator for the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology program (Electrical Engineering Department)
    - Prof. Dr. Matthias Werner, Professor for Engineering and Management Sciences, Dean of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Department (Electrical Engineering Department)

    In 2019, the HTWG Konstanz received a one-million Euro grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to implement a so-called Trailblazer Project. The focus of the project is to introduce and implement multi-disciplinary international degree programs in a step by step process building upon currently-offered HTWG Konstanz courses. Such bachelor’s and master’s programs integrate the demands of the globalized business world, while providing students with internationally relevant skills.

    Our goal is to offer a range of different options, from certificate programs up to double-degree programs with partner universities around the world.
    The programs will be developed systematically, building on the synergies and complementary features of the departments to help reach the university’s internationalization targets.

    The DAAD Module B is intended to help universities of applied sciences develop and expand practically-oriented majors (including double degrees), cooperative degree programs, as well as international partnerships. These practically-oriented majors will be expanded to provide increased mobility options as well as more space for experimentation to create innovative exchange formats.   Source: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

    The UAS.International project team celebrates their successful application for a 1-million Euro DAAD grant to expand internationalization at the HTWG Konstanz (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Matthias Werner, Prof. Dr. Christian von Lübke, Verena Gründler, Head of the International Students Office, Prof. Dr. Gunter Voigt, and Prof. Dr. Konstantin Hassemer

    Goals of the UAS.International Project Team

    - Establish a “trailblazer program” to increase the mobility of all university staff via partnership programs, to further develop our practically-oriented course offerings, and support our faculty member’s research projects at universities abroad

    - Rethink and redefine what internationalization is and can be, particularly in regard to the current coronavirus crisis. This involves developing digital formats to maintain and expand our collaboration with international partners

    - Share best-practices on the HTWG Konstanz campus by piloting two international double-degree programs (“MA in International Management Asia-Europe“ and “BA in International Engineering and Management“)


    Central Activities

    - The experience we gain from implementing our two international pilot degree programs will generate cross-departmental know-how in terms of planning and implementing future double degrees.

    - Step-by-Step Implementation: Our international course offerings will initially build upon existing classes taught in English, and then be expanded to include options ranging from certificate programs to double-degree programs at both the bachelor’s and master’s level.
    We will increase the digital networking and mobility options for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and staff across the entire campus.

    - Internationalization@home will provide local students with digital learning opportunities, allowing them to work from home on collaborative projects with students from around the world.
    The project offers stipends for both undergraduate and graduate students for international study, both incoming and outgoing. Foreign scholars interested in spending time here in Germany with their counterparts here at HTWG can find relevant information here.

    UAS.International Team

    - Dr. Felix Girke, Coordinator International Management Asia-Europe (Business, Cultural, and Legal Studies Department)
    -Andreas Heller, M.A., Translator/Editor
    - Dr. Barbara Landwehr, Project Coordinator, DAAD funded program, UAS.International
    - Alexandra Morris, Diplom-Kulturwirtin, Coordinator International Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Program (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Management Department)
    - Oliver Söder, Digitalization


    For more information, please contact:
    Dr. Barbara Landwehr
    Project Coordinator
    DAAD-Supported UAS.International Program

    HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences
    Alfred-Wachtel-Str. 8
    78462 Konstanz