Welcome to the Center for International Students of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg

    Application for Admission to the Studienkolleg

    Thank you for your interest in participating in the Studienkolleg preparatory programs.

    To apply for one of our programs, please send us the following documents by mail:
    - Application for certificate recognition
    - Curriculum vitae
    - Copy of your passport (no certification required)
    - Certified Copies Of Your Certificates*
    - Translations of the certificates, if they are not in English or French
    - Proof of your German language proficiency

    * The documentation required depends on the country from which you obtained your educational diplomas/certificates. For a list of the possible certificates, please refer to page 2 of our application form. We recommend that you carefully review our country-specific instructions before submitting your documents.

    Please send your application by mail to the following address:

    Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
    Alfred-Wachtel-Str. 8
    78462 Constance


    • Wintersemester 2024/2025: Mai 1, 2024
    • Summersemester 2025: November 1, 2024

    Next entrance test:

    • Wintersemester 2024/2025: June 21, 2024
    • Summersemester 2025: to be announced

    Admission Test

    To enroll in our Studienkolleg program, you are required to take our entrance test. The entrance test is conducted twice a year: at the end of January for the summer semester and at the beginning of July for the winter semester. We offer two types of entrance tests:

    • T-course for students who plan to pursue technical and engineering degrees. Exam subjects: German, mathematics, physics.
    • W-course for students who plan to pursue business and social science degrees. Examination subjects: German, mathematics, business studies.

    Selection: Our program admits 25 students per intake based on the performance in the entrance test. If you achieve exceptional grades in all three subjects, you may be eligible to directly enroll in the second semester of the Studienkolleg. In case you don't pass the entrance test, you are given an opportunity to reattempt it once.

    How to prepare for the Admission Test

    What’s the best way to prepare for the entrance test? We offer tips here according to the different test subjects:


    To enroll in the Studienkolleg, you muss possess a good command of the German language. In addition to your German language classes, we recommend that you immerse yourself in German outside of class. You can do this by listening to the news in German, reading newspapers, writing short texts, and taking every opportunity to converse with others in German.
    Typical exam tasks are cloze tasks and writing tasks. In the cloze task, the second half of every second word is missing. For the writing tasks, you will be required to complete one of the following formats: an interview, a text on statistical information or a report/opinion.



    The entrance test assesses your mathmatical proficiency to determine whether you have the necessary foundation to secceed in the Studienkolleg. You should have firm grasp of basic mathematical concepts, including fractions, powers, roots, and logarithms. You should be able to solve equations and inequalities.
    The exam material is based on the content in the video-based interactive course VIAMINT. This resource is available for fee to registered users at the following site: . To access it, simply create a new account using your email address and a chosen password.

    The Mathematics section of the entrance exam only covers the following topics:

    • Fractions
    • Toolbox
    • Powers and roots
    • Logarithms
    • Equations and inequalities
    • Linear systems of equations

    During the exam, you will have access to a formulary. This document will be provided to you during the exam, so you do not need to print it out yourself.


    Physics (T-course only)

    The entrance test material is based on the content of the video-based interactive course VIAMINT. Please use this free resource to prepare for the test. To register for VIAMINT, go to, click on "Create new account," and enter your email address along with any password of your choice.

    The Physics section of the entrance exam only covers the following modules:

    • Physical quantities and units of measurement
    • Diagrams and scales
    • Motion and force
    • Work, energy, power
    • Thermodynamics
    • Experiencing electricity

    Sample exercises and further information

    Business Studies (W-course only)

    The entrance test in the subject of business studies relates to current economic events. You are applying for a place in the course to prepare for business and social science courses and should therefore have read articles in the business section of the newspaper. It is also important that you can solve simple tasks that are explained in a text. Finally, you should understand data and can interpret statistical information. Economic knowledge is not expected.

    The entrance test usually contains the following tasks:

    • Simple calculations in an economic context: costs, interest, prices, taxes. In order to be able to solve the tasks, you should be familiar with calculating percentages. Information can be found here
    • Extract information from a diagram. You should also answer questions about the diagram.
    • Text from a newspaper. The text deals with the topics of economic activity and growth. In preparation, you can read current newspaper articles.

    You can find texts on business related subjects on the website of the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung ( You may want to leaf through the following issues: "Information on Civic Education"

    • Issue 308, Household - Markets - Consumption
    • Issue 294, State and Economy
    • Issue 293, Business and Production,0,0,Information_for_political_education.html


    On Test Day

    The admission test is conducted as a video conference which means that you do not need to physicall travel to Konstanz. Although you are not being directly supervised during the exam, any attempt to receive external help or cheat will be detected and result in disqualification. Usually, around 40 perent of test takers are excluded because they did not follow the rules. The key to success: Follow the Eight Rules!

    The Eight Rules for a Successful Admission Test:

    1. Attend the information events. Participating in the information events beforehand will ensure that you do not have any questions during the exam and can focus on the content.
    2. Prepare yourself and use the formula collection. Using viaMINT to learn the language of mathematics, using the formula collection for mathematics, and having paper and pen will prepare you well.
    3. Do not use any additional aids. Using calculators, mathematics programs, dictionaries, internet aids, chatbots, or inserting text with copy and paste will result in exclusion.
    4. Work alone. Speaking during the exam or being with someone else in the room will result in exclusion.
    5. Use only one screen. Using two screens or leaving other devices turned on (smartphone, etc.) will result in exclusion.
    6. Turn on the camera and stay in the picture. Turning off the camera or not being in the picture (face and arms) will result in exclusion.
    7. Make sure your technology is working. Leaving the exam (intentionally or unintentionally) or registering twice will result in exclusion.
    8. Show your name and your ID/passport. Not showing your ID and not displaying your full name will result in exclusion.