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  • Prof. Dr. Behnen
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Jo Behnen

    Leiter IoX LAB Smart Systems; Leiter Business Intelligence LAB (BI LAB)

  • Raum G 174
    +49 7531 206-752

IOX LAB Smart Systems

The Internet of Everything (IOX) can be appropriately divided into five subsystems, which are constituted by the moment of interaction of complex adaptive systems. These five ontologically interdependent IOX subsystems can be defined as the Internet of Data (IOD), the Internet of Services (IOS), the Internet of Things (IOT), the Internet of Agents (IOA), and the Internet of People (IOP). Smart Products and Services are not only built on IOX technologies, but are also engineered, produced, maintained, and even billed on this basis.

With regard to a renewed Closed-loop Ubiquitous PLM Concept, the Product-Service System Lifecycle is framed from design to disposal. In terms of SCM, the Supply Chain Process Lifecycle is handled correspondingly End-to-End.

The focus of the IOX LAB Smart Systems is accordingly on the following ten fields:
- Computer Science Foundations (Artificial Intelligence, Smart Coding, Data Science, etc.)
- Digital Innovation (Business Modeling / Requirements Engineering)
- Smart Enterprise Architecture (SEA), SOC/ED-SOA, and MAS-based Real-Time Enterprise (RTE)
- Smart Web Technology / EBCT
- Smart Product + Process Engineering (incl. Rapid Prototyping)
- Smart Manufacturing of SPSS (Factory of Things/Smart Factory)  [operated by MODEL FACTORY LAKE CONSTANCE]
- Smart Maintenance of SPSS and Real-Time Big Data (RTBDA)
- Smart Supply Chain DLT-Transactions of Parts/BOM 
- Smart Contracts and IOT/M2M-Payment for SPSS 
- Digital Startup [operated by CAMPUS STARTUP]